uPVC Doors & Windows
Open up to eco side
uPVC profile is not only beautiful, its eco-friendly also. Nepatop uPVC window and door system ensure minimal heat transfer while maximizing the in-flow of light. Not only do Nepatop window and door reduce customers requirements due to heat loss, the manufacturing comprises of an eco-friendly process that consumes less energy during production, generation negligible scrap and eliminating the side effects of regular painting.
Home - Best place in the world
City life is becoming synonymous with ever growing level of noise and pollution. Nepatop uPVC windows help insulate family from noise an air-borne pollutants by providing a zero-leak window system, giving a healthy home to your family.
Comparison Chart
Nepatop uPVC Wood Aluminum
Durability (Without Degradation) 25 Yrs + 1-2 Yrs 2-3 Yrs
Maintenance/td> Very Low Low Medium
Water Tightness Water Proof Very Poor Satisfactory
Sustanability Under Sun Very High Low Medium
Handels, Locks EPDM Gasket etc High Quality (Imported) Poor Satisfactory
Noise Reduction High Poor Poor
Architectural Compliance High Poor High
Heat Insulation High Poor Poor
High-Rise Compliance Very High Low High
Operation/ Functionality Very High Medium Medium
Termite Resistance Yes No Yes
Material & Structure Performance Superior Satisfactory Satisfactory
Enviroment Friendly Yes No Yes
Wind Resistance High Medium High
Security Superior Medium Medium
Our Distributors
We cater customer’s requirement and serve them from more than 20 fabrication units across the country. The network of 20 distributors over 3000 dealers ensuring the same quality and service.